Will a Failed Radon Test Affect Your Home’s Value? – House to Home Inspect Colorado

Will a Failed Radon Test Affect Your Home’s Value? – House to Home Inspect Colorado

Most home buyers and home sellers are likely to pay the few hundred dollars for a home inspection, which can save both parties money and grief later. This is particularly true for older homes. the.

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In MO the state does not require you to mitigate your home. However, if you don’t you are endangering your family as well as the buyers family. Living in a home with Radon test results at 5.6 pCi/L (pico curries per liter) is dangerous. Radon is the leading cause of Lung Cancer among non-smokers and a Class A Carcinogen.

Radon Testing. Homes that are next door to each other can have different indoor radon levels, so using a neighbor’s test result is a poor predictor of radon risk. In addition, precipitation, barometric pressure, and other influences can cause radon levels to vary from month to month or day to day, which is why both short-.

 · Did you know these items aren’t on your home inspector’s checklist?. s radar. If there’s a dead tree in the yard, you’ll be responsible for taking care of it. It probably won’t affect the final price of the house or your ability to negotiate with the seller.. I say this because so far I have bought two homes using a Home Inspector.

If your home’s would-be buyer broaches the issue of repairs, take charge of gathering a more complete set of facts from your own repair vendors, get clear on what you can and can’t afford to do and communicate everything to your agent. Then let go and let your Realtor try to work it out.

Radon testing will not hold up the purchase of the home if you are facing time restraints. Radon testing takes 48 hours to obtain an accurate result. radon eliminator works with home inspectors to ensure the test is dropped off during the home inspection and picked up 48 hours later.

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