What’s Your Why?

What’s Your Why?

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Refining Your List Of Priorities. Once you have your initial list, you want to look at what’s really important to you. You do that by asking yourself why you love it and why it’s important to have it in your life.I’ve been doing this exercise over the last 3 years and found that my list got more and more refined as I went.

WHAT'S YOUR WHY - Motivational Video Speeches Compilation | 30-Minute Motivation Your "why" isn’t the same as your goal-it’s the reason for wanting to get to your goal; the motor that gets you to your destination. Maybe you want to lose weight so that you can feel comfortable in your own skin or go on that amazing rollercoaster or hike a beautiful trail.

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What is your why? It is a question that you have most likely been confronted with at some point in your life. But, do you truly know what it means? And more importantly, have you been able to clearly define your why? Simon Sinek’s TED talk, "How great leaders inspire action," is a great place.

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Wrapping up. Relationships are also affected in a positive way when you live life with purpose. You seek out new relationships, nurture the existing ones, and build stronger connections with the people around you. You become more helpful to the people you love and become a role model for your family and friends.

‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action’ Our Results. We looked at this Golden Circle with regards to our roles at Leaders in Heels. Collectively we decided that the WHY behind this magazine is to empower, educate and inspire women to chase their dreams as well as to promote gender equality in the home, in the workplace and, ultimately, in society.

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