Two Children’s Book Reviews: “When God Made Color” and “Isaac’s Ice Cream Tree”

Two Children’s Book Reviews: “When God Made Color” and “Isaac’s Ice Cream Tree”

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Thank you for your reviews on "Isaac’s Ice Cream Tree" by Angela Henderson and "When God Made Color" by Sheri Carmon and for being part of the Celebrate Lit book tour. I enjoyed learning about both new to me authors and these two books. The books would be great to share with our little ones and I can’t wait for the chance to do so.

There is just something about children’s books that get right to the heart of a topic. So, when the opportunity came, I excitedly requested a review copy of Isaac’s Ice Cream Tree and When God Made Color! My Review. I enjoyed both of these books and would recommend making them a part of your children’s book collection.

Let’s review it again: What is the Bible’s big story? The Bible is a romance book. It is a relationship book. The center of the story of the Bible is a story of two marriages. Let’s step back and look at the whole landscape of the story.In the beginning God created a world of angelic beings.

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Reviews; Gods peculiar treasure rae. Simply the Book Blog of a loyal servant and daughter to the King of kings. Posted in blog tour, Books ‘Isaac’s Ice Cream Tree’ & ‘When God Made Color’ ~ Two Children’s books/ Celebrate Lit Tour. Posted on May 8, Isaac’s Ice Cream Tree.

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I love finding books for children that show them this beautiful truth.. By the end of book one, she’s only set foot into two of them, so the possibility for growth is quite large as she goes on more adventures in the Young huntress series.. book review, books, children’s bible, ICB Prayer Bible for Children, Nonfiction, prayer, Thomas.

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