The Farmington, New Mexico UFO Armada Case

The Farmington, New Mexico UFO Armada Case

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Additional UFO Sighting Reports.. The Farmington UFO Armada March 17, 1950 : Cylindrical UFO Photographed Over New York City March 20, 1950. Puerto Maldonado Photograph (Cigar-shaped object. Carlos Diaz Photo and Contact Case (Mexico) January 1981. Metallic object flew silently overhead at.

A 3-day UFO encounter in March 1950 in Farmington, New Mexico is quietly one of the most credible ufo cases on record. During those three days, hundreds of UFOs were witnessed by over a thousand residents.

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Marler, a resident of Rio Rancho, ardent UFO researcher and self-proclaimed. recounting what happened thousands of feet above Farmington, as well as above other areas of New Mexico more than 69.

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The Farmington, New Mexico UFO Armada Case. – Marcus Lowth. When we see the word armada most of us will imagine a fleet of warships on the open waters. However, over a three-day period in 1950 in Farmington,

RIO RANCHO, N.M. -The Farmington Armada incident got a lot of local press at the time, but it took 65 years before there was in-depth research into the northwest New Mexico phenomenon. Marler went in search of witnesses but discovered most of them are no longer living. However, he found a few.

That seems to be the case being made by a group of Navy pilots regarding objects. More than two decades ago, while working as a researcher at Mission Research Corporation in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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This examination will show that what occurred in Farmington, NM in 1950 was the tip of the iceberg when it came to overall UFO activity that year. It stands out as one of the most dramatic and well-documented cases in the history of the UFO phenomenon.

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