How to see Jupiter in the sky tonight

How to see Jupiter in the sky tonight

JUPITER will feature brightly in the night sky tonight when it reaches its closest approach to Earth in two year’s time, just days after the gas giant perfectly aligned with Earth in opposition. Jupiter is now closer to Earth than it has been in two years and this means it will be clearly visible even without binoculars. Alongside the gas giant, keen observers will have a chance to witness Jupiter’s biggest four moons in person. The four Galilean moons hanging in the sky tonight are Europa, Callisto, Io and Ganymede.

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Friday night starting after sunset — which was right at 8:19 p.m. — until the moon goes down at 2:17 a.m., you will get a rare treat. The waxing gibbous moon and Jupiter will be right next to.

In March, Venus and Jupiter will be so close in the night sky that they will fit in the realm of your eyes that relays high definition imagery to your brain. Find out why you’ll see them with such.

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It will be great to do some stargazing, said news center 7 Meteorologist Kirstie Zontini.

Jupiter: pre-dawn skies are the best time to see Jupiter. It will appear in the 2015 sky in mid-September and continue for months inside the borders of Leo. Saturn: look in the evening twilight sky for Saturn. Saturn will appear in the night sky in November and will be visible in the morning sky by the year’s end.

So much to see. Like Venus before it, Jupiter will now dominate the night sky, from tonight right on through the end of September. Any good astronomical telescope should be able to show at least a few of Jupiter’s darkish belts and lightish bands, along with further details in the planet’s atmosphere – on a good,

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