Farmers may not catch a break to plant corn this week

Farmers may not catch a break to plant corn this week


  1. the smallest corn crop in four years, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The agency last week reduced its planting estimate by 3.2% from May .

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    As farmers start harvesting earlier planted corn fields (those typically planted in mid. It's not uncommon to walk corn fields where nearly every plant is. If the stalk breaks between the ear and the lowest node, stalk rot is usually present. To minimize losses for stalk lodging rot damage, avoid harvest delays.

    Farmers unable to plant in wet fields start to look at insurance options. Farmer Julie Derrer says in May of 2018, all of her corn and soybeans were planted.. our deadline for prevented crop.

    Gunky clay is no one's idea of wonderful garden soil.. There is a catch, in that there is very little you can do in clay soil when it is. Mid and late season sweet corn are a good choice, too, but some of the best vegetables to grow in clay. "Hi am planning to grow cabbages on a clay soil farm what are the.

    The only catch: Farmers using Roundup Ready seeds can only use Roundup, because any other broad-spectrum herbicide.. 31 people died in One Weekend.

    About half of U.S. corn and soybean farmers are in the red and the rest will barely break even, said Chris Barron, who farms 7,000 acres near Rowley, Iowa, and owns the management advisory Ag View.

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    ‘We’re at (Plan) D’: Rains threaten Michigan’s corn, soybean farmers. Just 33% of the state’s corn had been planted by Sunday compared to the five-year average of 73%.

    "This next week. not only affect yields, but farmers’ ability to obtain federal crop insurance coverage to ensure a minimum price they will receive when they contract sales of their crops. To be.

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    Farmers Anxious About Corn Crop The persistent wet weather in the Midwest has led to delays in corn planting for many farmers in the Corn Belt. and they aren’t expected to catch up. Illinois had only planted 11% of its corn by.

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