Couple says they fell ill at Dominican Republic resort where 3 Americans died

Couple says they fell ill at Dominican Republic resort where 3 Americans died

An American tourist died of respiratory failure in her dominican republic hotel room just days before a Maryland couple was found dead of the. 3 Americans Die at Same Dominican Republic Resort. A spokesperson for the attorney general of the Dominican Republic said she did not understand why the.

Colorado Couple Says They Became Violently Sick at Dominican Resort Where 3 Americans Died News of Ortiz’s reported incident comes after a Colorado couple alleged that they fell ill at the same resort.

(CNN) – At least nine American citizens have died at Dominican Republic. resort in La Romana , the same hotel where Holmes and Day died. Schaup-Werner was celebrating a wedding anniversary with her.

More American tourists are dying in the dominican republic.. leyla cox was found dead in her resort in Punta Cana on the island. The New York Post reported that nearly 70 tourists in the Dominican Republic said they got violently sick on. Three of the deaths happened a resort in La Romana on the.

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He made it to the wedding but had to return to the room when he fell. died." Duff and Gomez emphasize that they don’t know whether the mini bar was the culprit. After all, Gomez drank rum from it.

A Chicago couple says they were forced to end their vacation early after they were. at the same Dominican Republic resort where three Americans died in May.. the timeshare when they returned to their room and became violently ill.. knull was referencing the deaths of Nate Holmes, Cynthia Day and.

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The name of the resort was not immediately available. (MORE: Couple says they fell ill at Dominican Republic resort where 3 Americans died) "We can confirm the death of a U.S. citizen in the Dominican.

Three American tourists died in a separate incidents at the same Dominican Republic. before a Maryland couple was found dead at the same resort, U.S. officials confirmed.. Doctors said they died from fluid in their lungs.

Colorado couple Kaylynn Knull and Tom Schwander, who stayed. three Americans died in May, are suing the company over falling ill.. Colorado couple is now suing the Dominican resort where three Americans have died, saying they. Knull said that last Summer, they checked into a room at the Bahia.

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